The Bootlicker: The Melvins

Rating: 70%

Melvins-thebootlickerThe Melvins have been on of those bands that you like or dislike. Their musical style seems to influence many genres such as Grunge, Sludge Metal and Alternative Rock. Also, they have influenced many bands over the years. Their musical style is funky, weird and doomy. It all depends on the album and the time period of the band’s history as to what you’re going to get.

Bootlicker is the second installment of three releases that are referred to as the Trio. “The Maggot” is part one, “The Bootlicker” is part two and “The Crybaby” is part three. They are called this because the three albums were released within one year. The Bootlicker features the one and only King Buzzo Osborne on vocals, guitar and additional noises, Dale Crover on drums and Kevin Rutmanis on bass guitar.

This album is not as heavy as “The Maggot” and has a very strong psychedelic feel to it. Many of the tempos are much slower and not as heavy. There’s no real sludginess to the album and lacks the doomy elements. It has more of a mellow feel that is drenched in early Pink Floyd mixed with a little Primus and some blues. This album does have a nice melody and harmony to it. There’s a lot of additional noises on this album, which in some cases blend in very well, but at other times, seem to be out of place. This album even has some atmospheric influences along with some drawn out outtros, intros and bridges.  There’s even some techno influences on this album. Production isn’t to bad,  but it’s not as good as “The Maggot.”

Vocals are a bit light, almost like a Syd Barrett when he was in the early stages of Pink Floyd. Guitar is wonderfully done. The bass is very good and sounds great. There’s some very good drumming on this record as well. Good musicianship is heard throughout the entire album. Strong points on the album “Let It All Be”, “Black Santa”, “Jew Boy Flower Head” and “Lone Rose Holding Now.”

Bottom line, I love the Melvins and what they have contributed to heavy metal and music in general. There are some very good tracks on this record, but, at the same time, it seems a bit loose and seems to have some fillers that don’t need to be in the final production.

Track listing:

1. “Toy” 1:09
2. “Let It All Be” 10:48
3. “Black Santa” 3:41
4. “We We” 0:57
5. “Up the Dumper” 2:23
6. “Mary Lady Bobby Kins” 3:37
7. “Jew Boy Flower Head” 6:06
8. “Lone Rose Holding Now” 2:23
9. “Prig” 8:47


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