Salt Lick/God’s Balls: Tad

Rating: 85%

MI0001637119So, we’re back to evaluating another Grunge album. Like I said before, I grew up in that age the Grunge  and I liked it. Tad was one of those first bands that was from Seattle during that movement. Although the band never gained popularity over the airwaves in Baltimore, MD, didn’t mean they lacked a following. Tad was part of the formation of the Grunge scene.

Formed in 1988, they released their debut album “God’s Balls” in 1989. A year later, Saltlick/God’s Balls was released and this is my favorite LP of theirs. This LP contained six songs  for the Saltlick EP, combined with a bonus track from SP55 and seven of the best of ten songs from “God’s Balls.”

Upon hearing Tad, I felt it was a mixture or in between Nirvana and the Melvins with a little punk mixed with a ton of 1970’s heavy metal and a little Neil Young thrown into it. The music is very heavy. Tad Doyle’s vocal work is very strong and seems to be a bit whiskey drenched. His and Gary Thorstensen’s style of playing of the guitar is very solid. The two seem to harmonize on all of the tracks. Steve Wied’s drum work is very impressive. Kurt Danialson’s bass work is great throughout the album.

The song structure is very good. Lots of tempo changes and some really good melodies. The lead guitar work is really good. The rhythm sections are beefy. The drums and bass guitar give this record a very meaty, raw, gritty and choppy sound to it. Yet, some of there songs seem to be melodic. The music just sounds fantastic. Production is very good.

This was a promising band. To bad they ended up breaking up like so many of the Grunge bands in the mid 1990’s. I would’ve like to seen more material and have them be more of an influence than what they are credited for.

Track listing:

Salt Lick EP

“Axe to Grind” – 2:10
“High on the Hog” – 2:28
“Wood Goblins” – 3:13
“Hibernation” – 2:56
“Glue Machine” – 3:43
“Potlatch” – 3:26

SP55 7‘’

“Loser” – 3:26

Selection from “God’s Balls”

“Behemoth” – 4:08
“Pork Chop” – 4:19
“Helot” – 2:54
“Sex God Missy” – 4:26
“Cyanide Bath” – 3:35
“Boiler Room” – 4:47
“Satan’s Chainsaw” – 3:10


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