Honky Tonks and Cheap Motels: Whitey Morgan & The 78’s

Rating: 95%

Honkytonksandcheapmotels.jpgIn 2008, the Country music scene in Detroit, Michigan gave us Whitey Morgan and his debut release “Honky Tonks and Cheap Motels.” I love this album from start to finish. When I first heard it, to me it was like listening to classic Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams, Jr.

This album has a collection of great Country songs. Lyrically, it centers around love, relationships, broken hearts, and women. It has some very catchy choruses that you’ll end up singing along to. The song writing is very good.

Musically, it’s composed wonderfully. The album sounds good and the tracks are laid out nicely. It’s like stepping back in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s. It has come real catchy, toe tapping melodies. The entire album has a nice upbeat tempo to the music and there’s not a whole lot of slow parts to any of the songs. There are certain areas where the tempo is more mellow and other parts where the music is just heavy, but that makes the album sound so good.

Vocally, Whitey has a unique voice that is influenced by Waylon. But not to the point where the artist is trying to impersonate Waylon. The lead guitars are not overwhelming as they are in today’s Country. The guitar playing itself in drenched in Waylon Jennings’ style. The pedal steel guitar sounds great. The style of the pedal steel guitar is something that Pop Country music is lacking today.

If you like traditional country music, the outlaw style country or honky tonk, then I would highly recommend this album. There’s not a bad song on here. To me, this album will stand along Hank Williams Jr.’s “Rowdy” and Waylon’s “Greatest Hits 1&2.”

Track listing:

1. “Hold Her When She Cries”
2. “Crazy”
3. “If It Ain’t Broke” (Instrumental)
4. “Back to Back” (Billy Dee, Wendall Atkins)
5. “Cheatin’ Again”
6. “Honky Tonk Angel”
7. “I’m on Fire” (Bruce Springsteen)
8. “Another Round”
9. “Goodbye Dixie”
10. “Love and Honor”
11. “Prove It All to You”
12. “Sinner”


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