…Of Frost and War: Hail of Bullets

Rating: 90%

Of_Frost_and_War_album_coverIn 2008, Hail of Bullets released their debut album “…of Frost and War.” This album is a concept album about World War Two on the Eastern Front. So folks, dust off those history books and take in some history while cranking to old school Death Metal. Hail of Bullets is made up of vocalist Martin van Drunen, guitarists Stephan Gebedi and Paul Baayens, bassist Theo van Eekelen and drummer Ed Warby.

The sheer force and the straight forward approach of this band is amazing. The entire album has a lot of changing tempos which keeps the listener tuned into the music. Structurally,  the album is pretty solid. Production is great and the song layout flow nicely. The raspy vocal work and the gritty and crunchy sound put me in mind of what the Eastern Front would have been like if heavy metal was around. Lots of hard hitting drumming, crushing bass and smashing guitars, nicely done leads and great riffs. I do sense some influences of Thrash Metal being incorporated. Lyrically, the concept of this album was put together wonderfully and with some thought and research behind it.

Track listing:

Before The Storm [Barbarossa] 2:00
Ordered Eastward 4:42
The Lake Ladoga Massacre 4:45
General Winter 5:52
Advancing Once More 5:07
Red Wolves Of Stalin 5:06
Nachthexen 4:25
The Crucial Offensive [19-11-1942, 7.30 AM] 4:21
Stalingrad 5:03
Inferno At The Carpathian Mountains 4:58
Berlin 6:31


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