Electric Rodeo: Shooter Jennings

Rating: 95%

MUDD1802First and foremost, I really like Shooter Jennings. I have been into his music since the release of “Put the “O” Back in Country” back in 2005. I was very excited about Shooter’s second release “Electric Rodeo” that was released in 2006. Shooter Jennings is a man who can perform any genre of music that he chooses. His music is country, hard rock, psychedelic rock and southern rock.

“Electric Rodeo”features a fine collection of songs. It’s a great album from start to finish with a good mixture of country and rock influences. The music is very raw as compared to “Put the “O” Back in Country.” The entire album has a good collection of tempos and melodies. It features a fine group of musicians as Shooter is backed by the .357’s. Shooter’s vocal style is very unique. Some of the songs like “Some Rowdy Women” he sounds much like his father Waylon.

Lyrically, this album has a bit of everything. There’s poetry which “Alligator Chomp” is a good example of that. “Manifesto No. 2” has a classic bluesy country sound to it. “Aviators” is a classic country break up song with lot’s of spoken humor in it.

Shooter is a very talented artist and musician.  I look forward to any material of his that is being released. He can do just about anything. When you listen to him, you can hear Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and many other of his influences.

Track listing:

“Electric Rodeo” – 4:33
“Gone to Carolina” – 4:06
“Some Rowdy Women” – 3:13
“The Song Is Still Slipping Away” – 3:09
“Hair of the Dog” – 4:01
“Little White Lines” – 5:29
“Alligator Chomp (The Ballad of Dr. Martin Luther Frog as Told To Tony)” – 3:10
“Manifesto No. 2” – 2:09
“Aviators” – 3:23
“Bad Magick” – 5:12
“It Ain’t Easy” – 3:05


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