Shake Em’ On Down: Mississippi Fred McDowell

Rating: 95%

R-2547070-1303703332.jpeg.jpg“I don’t play no rock n’ roll, but it kinda sound like it” is what Mississippi Fred McDowell says on the opening track “Shake Em’ on Down.” This record captures Mississippi Fred McDowell live at the Gaslight, McDougal Street, New York City on November 5, 1971.

Mississippi Fred McDowell style of blues never changed or really modernized as many blues musicians did during the 1960’s and 1970’s. He plays based upon raw emotion, plucking each string and throwing in that eerie bottleneck glass slide. His style of Delta blues has influenced many guitarists. The way he carries rhythm and plays that slide is remarkable. His music has harmony, tempo and melody and combined that with his vocal style, you are hearing how Delta blues was meant to be heard.

During the his performance in between songs, he comments, that blues is a feeling and he plays what he feels and he is totally right. His vocal work is very eerie, full hearted and it’s emotional.

Track listing:

1 Shake ‘Em On Down Guitar [2nd Guitar] – Tom Pomposello 3:33
2 I’m Crazy About You Baby 4:42
3 John Henry 4:39
4 You Got To Move 2:40
5 Someday 3:51
6 Mercy 5:28
7 The Lovin’ Blues 3:57
8 White Lightnin’ 4:55
9 Baby Please Don’t Go 3:10


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