And Hell Will Follow Me: A Pale Horse Named Death

Rating: 80%

And_hell_will_follow_me_cover.jpgIn 2011, A Pale Horse Named Death released their debut album “And Hell will Follow Me.” This album features  Sal Abruscato a formal drummer of Type O Negative and Matt Brown of Seventh Void. This album is heavily rooted in Goth Metal and Doom Metal. Sal is the lead vocalist, guitarist and drummer while Matt is the guitarist and bass on this album.

What we have here on this album is a collection of well written songs. When I heard this album for the first time, I thought that it was Type O Negative until Sal began his vocal work. So, if you’re a fan of Type O Negative, then you might want to give the album a try.

Now, this isn’t a total doom metal album. The music has a dark doomy feel to it throughout the entire album, lots of slower tempos mixed with heavy riffs. But it also has some upbeat and faster tempos with some crushing guitar riffs. “Heroin Train” and “Serial Killer” are good examples. There is also a lot of Goth influences that you can hear including the atmospheric influences. There’s a lot of lead guitar work. The introduction to “To Die in Your Arms” is a perfect example. There’s a lot of melody to this record. As far as structure, the entire album flows nicely with only two filler songs which are instrumentals. The entire album is very solid. Lot’s of good drumming and bass work. “Bad Dream”, an instrumental has a techno beat to it which is a good mix. “Die Alone” has a little Industrial Metal thrown into it. This song in the center, I swear that I hear the saxophone.

Lyrically, this album is centered around depression, death, relationships and self hatred. The themes are very dark. Sal’s vocal style is his own, but you can hear lot’s of Peter Steel’s influence from Type O Negative.

Track listing:

“And Hell Will Follow Me” – 0:57
“As Black as My Heart” – 4:32
“To Die in Your Arms” – 3:36
“Heroin Train” – 3:10
“Devil in the Closet” – 3:42
“Cracks in the Walls” – 5:40
“Bad Dream” – 2:06
“Bath in My Blood (Schizophrenia in Me)” – 2:25
“Pill Head” – 5:38
“Meet the Wolf” – 5:27
“Serial Killer” – 4:38
“When Crows Descend Upon You” – 4:11
“Die Alone” – 7:35


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