Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk: Head Cat

Rating: 100%

64354-56319d6d00c3c-l.jpgHead Cat is a Rockabilly super group formed by Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead, Slim Jim Phantom of the Stray Cats and Danny B Harvey of the Rockats. “Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk” was released in 2011 and is the last album by the super group Head Cat. This is classic rock n’ roll with a modern twist that gives it a classic rockabilly sound.

“Walk the Walk…Talk the Talk” is an adventure in the past of the 1950’s and 60’s with Lemmy singing the classic songs written by Chuck Berry, Mel Tillis and the Beatles. Also, Lemmy and company wrote two songs in rockabilly fashion.

Musically, it’s a journey down memory lane and serves as a reminder where today’s rock n’ roll and heavy metal comes from. It has a lot of blues, soul, country and rock influences. The musicianship is great. Lemmy can sing the hell out of the blues. His voice sounds really good. Lemmy’s bass playing is unlike no other. Slim Jim Phantom’s guitar work stands up to those of the 1950’s and 1960’s. His leads and rhythms sound great.  Danny Harvey’s drumming is excellent. Production wise, the album sounds great and flows well. Mixing wise all three musicians are clearly heard. The recording of the music is raw and should re-energize those to look up the original artists.

Head Cat was Lemmy and company’s way to pay tribute to their heroes and take a few minutes to have fun away from their respective bands. Lemmy has pretty much done it all and it’s always good to see bands digging deep and producing a record that has a garage sound and feel to it.  Be warn, plenty of toe tapping you will be doing while singing along to the real classics.

Track listing:

“American Beat” (Lemmy Kilmister, Slim Jim Phantom, Danny B Harvey) – 1:43
“Say Mama” (Meeks, Earl) – 2:01
“I Ain’t Never” (Mel Tillis, Webb Pierce) – 1:52
“Bad Boy” (Larry Williams) – 1:57
“Shakin’ All Over” (Frederick Heath) – 2:33
“Let It Rock” (Chuck Berry) – 2:06
“Something Else” (Sharon Sheeley, Eddie Cochran) – 2:04
“The Eagle Flies on Friday” (Kilmister, Phantom, Harvey) – 3:22
“Trying to Get to You” (Charles Singleton, Rose Marie McCoy) – 2:23
“You Can’t Do That” (Lennon–McCartney)– 2:28
“It’ll Be Me” (Clement) – 1:57
“Crossroads” (Robert Johnson) – 3:03


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