Everybody’s Rockin’

Rating: 35%

EverybodysrockinOK, so in 1983, after a series of flops like “Trans” and “Old Ways”, Geffen records demanded a Rock album by Neil Young. Well, what they got was something further from anything that Neil has done. They got a Rockabilly album instead, “Everybody’s Rockin’.” shortly, afterward, Neil was sued by Geffen records for putting out a non-Neil Young album.

Now, I must admit, what the hell was Neil Young thinking? I understand his influences are in country, folk, rock, blues and yes, even jazz. But to take your music and reverse time to the 1950’s takes a lot of balls and that is why I respect Neil Young as I do.  He experimented taking rock music back to it roots.  I do like rockabilly, don’t get me wrong, but a full album in the early 1980’s?

So, let’s begin with the pros of this album. There’s a nice tempo. The entire album is less than 25 minutes in length. There’s a lot of good guitar work on this record and some nice leads. The backing vocals are a nice added touch to the chorus. There’s some nice piano work on this album.  Lyrically, the songs are simple.

Why release this album in the early 1980’s? Why not produce music that continued the “Rust” trend?  I think if this album was released during the 2000’s Neil could have gotten away with it since the re-emergence of the genre. The major problem I have is that is NOT a Neil Young record and it was released at a bad time.

Track listing:

1. “Betty Lou’s Got a New Pair of Shoes” (Bobby Freeman) 3:02
2. “Rainin’ in My Heart” (Slim Harpo, Jerry West) 2:11
3. “Payola Blues” 3:09
4. “Wonderin'” 2:59
5. “Kinda Fonda Wanda” (Tim Drummond, Young) 1:51
6. “Jellyroll Man” 2:00
7. “Bright Lights, Big City” (Jimmy Reed) 2:18
8. “Cry, Cry, Cry” 2:39
9. “Mystery Train” (Junior Parker, Sam Phillips) 2:47
10. “Everybody’s Rockin'” 1:57


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