Live: Candlemass

Rating: 85%

Live_(Candlemass_album)When the Candlemass Live album was released in 1990, I was very excited. I have always loved the music of Candlemass. The doominess of their music is what attracted me to them. I have pretty much their entire catalog and I am as much as a fan today as I was in 1989 when I first heard them. Live was the second album of their’s that I purchased.

All musicians are clearly heard. The band sounds so damn tight which tells me a lot about the musicianship of the band. Vocalist Messiah Marcolin sounds great. His voice has a a wide range of notes that he can hit. This voice is very strong throughout each one of the songs. His interaction with the audience shows that he really appreciates the people he is performing for. Guitarist Mats Björkman and lead guitarist Lars Johansson are a great duo. This album has plenty of heavy riffs and leads. I love the flow of these two guitarist. The heavier slower riffs are killer on the songs like “Solitude.” The melody is very dark. Playing on bass is Leif Edling and pounding the drums is Jan Lindh. Both of the guys set the pace of the music brilliantly on each song. There’s a lot of great drumming throughout the entire concert. Several of tracks one can hear the bass thundering.

For a live a record, this album is very good and the sound quality is amazing. Musically, the sound is as raw as it can get. Your hearing the band without any studio assistance. There’s a good mixture of tempos and melodies. The set list flows great. Lot’s of great slow riffs that are dark and deep sounding. Other songs contain much faster and harder riffs which helps to get the blood pumping.

Track listing:

“The Well of Souls”
“Dark are the Veils of Death”
“Dark Reflections”
“Under the Oak”
“Demons Gate”
“Crystal Ball”
“Through the Infinitive Halls of Death”
“Mirror Mirror”
“At The Gallows End”
“A Sorcerer’s Pledge”


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