Her von welken Nächten: Dornenreich

Rating: 75%

Dornenreich-HerVonWelkenNaechten.jpgIn 2001 Dornenreich”Her von welken Nächten” released their third album. So, let me warn you know, the entire album is sung in Austrian. But that adds to the album experience, musically and lyrically. Three musicians make up the band. Evíga on vocals, guitars, bass, Valñes on vocals, synthetizers, and Gilván on drums. There are other staffers who play the cello and violin as well. Is this beginning to sound weirder to you? If not, it should.

This album is a concept album about the ghost of the night. For a black metal album, there is a lot of melody which is why it was classified under Ambient and Avant Metal as well. This album also has a lot of bone crushing guitar riffs which gives the album a chunky sound. There is some lead work on the album which is an added touch. Some of the leads are actually harmonizing with the vocals giving them an eerie sound that haunts many sections of the album. Lots of drumming and hard pounding bass lines. Vocally, the vocal work is creepy, eerie and yet, it’s brilliantly structured.

Lot’s of sounds, lot’s of tempo changes and lot’s of bridges that close the gap and pulls all songs together. There’s a bit of off beats that adds a touch of weirdness to the album. Then hearing the piano or cello and violin adds to that haunting sound. This is a really good composed album. Many good highlights and if you’re into experimentation where genres of metal are thrown together, you’ll most likely enjoy this album.

Track listing:

“Eigenwach” – 6:44
“Ich Bin Aus Mir” – 6:13
“Wer Hat Angst Vor Einsamkeit?” – 6:19
“Grell Und Dunkel Strömt Das Leben” – 5:00
“Innerwille Ist Mein Docht” – 5:51
“Hier Weht Ein Moment” – 6:30
“Schwarz Schaut Tiefsten Lichterglanz” – 7:29
“Trauerbrandung” – 6:17
“Mein Publikum – Der Augenblick” – 8:30


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