Izzy Stradlin & and the Ju Ju Hounds

Rating: 80%

Izzy_Stradlin_&_the_Ju_Ju_HoundsIn 1991, Izzy Stradlin left Guns N’ Roses and formed his own band. For his first solo release in 1992, he incorporated many influences from rock, blues, punk and yes, some reggae. I have always admired Izzy every since he was in GNR. On his first solo record here, Izzy plays guitar and is the lead vocalist. He is joined by Ricky Richards, formally of Georgia Satellites on lead guitar, Jimmy Ashhurst on bass and Charlie Quintana on drums.

Musically, this is an enjoyable album to listen to. It has several tempos changes throughout the entire album. It has plenty of harmony and melody. Izzy has a great team of musicians. As a song writer and composer, he still writes quality songs as he did when he was in GNR.

The album begins with “Somebody Knockin'” which has a strong blues rock feeling. “Pressure Drop” has a strong pink feeling. Rather than reinvent the ballads, Izzy using straight forward blues and southern rock for his slower songs such as in the song “Shuffle It All”  or “How Will It Go.” Some parts in these songs have a country music feel to it as well. Production is good. There are some nice riffs and leads. All instrumentation is well done. One thing is for sure, Izzy would have a bright future ahead of him.

Track listing:

“Somebody Knockin” – 3:27
“Pressure Drop”  – 2:42
“Time Gone By”  – 3:47
“Shuffle It All” – 6:19
“Bucket o’ Trouble”  – 2:10
“Train Tracks”  – 4:27
“How Will It Go?”  – 3:51
“Cuttin’ the Rug”  – 5:01
“Take a Look at the Guy”  – 4:45
“Come on Now Inside” – 6:58
“Morning Tea” (hidden bonus track, starts 4:26 into track 10)


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