Captain Morgan’s Revenge: Alestorm

Rating: 90%

Alestorm_Captain_Morgans_Revenge.jpgIn 2008, Scotland’s Power/Folk Metal band Alestorm released their debut. The band was made of up of vocalist and keyboardist Christopher Bowes, drummer Ian Wilson, bassist Dani Evans and Gavin Harper on guitar.

Lyrically, Alestorm has a pirate theme on this album as well as future albums. I know, sounds corny right? Well, it’s not as bad as you think. The song compositions are fairly good. The song lyrics put me in mind of drinking, wenches, booty and 18th Century pirates and their ships. It’s history wrapped up in plastic just waiting to be cranked up.

Vocally, the songs are very strong and gritty. There’s a great deal of harmony on the chorus lines. Musically, it has some very impressive guitar riffs. It’s heavy with folk influences, speed metal and power metal. The leads are very impressive. The addition of the traditional tin whistles and jaw hard are a nicely added touch. Musicianship is not bad. Production, the album sounds good.

Track listing:

1. “Over the Seas” 3:55
2. “Captain Morgan’s Revenge” 6:42
3. “The Huntmaster” 4:59
4. “Nancy the Tavern Wench” 4:52
5. “Death Before the Mast”  3:11
6. “Terror on the High Seas”  3:51
7. “Set Sail and Conquer”  4:38
8. “Of Treasure”  2:58
9. “Wenches & Mead” 3:42
10. “Flower of Scotland” (The Corries cover) 2:37


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