Odd Fellows Rest: Crowbar

Rating: 90%

Oddfellowsrest.JPGOver the years, I really have enjoyed Crowbar’s music. They are among the best of Sludge Metal, my favorite genre of heavy metal music. The doominess mixed with southern rock and punk sounds good together. In 1998, Crowbar released “Odd Fellows Rest”, their fifth full length album. Kirk Windstein is on vocals and guitars, Sammysatan Pierre Duet on guitar, T “Godcreep” Strange on bass, and Wicked Crickett on drums.

“Odd Fellows Rest” is a great sludge metal from start to finish. It contains much of the slower tempos as one would hear in Doom Metal. But several songs do contain those upbeat tempo, which breaks the melody up throughout the album. The sound raunchy, gritty, heavy and deep. Lots of good thick monstrous guitar riffs that are heavily distorted.

The song structure is great. Windstein’s vocals are raw and gritty. Bowder’s drumming is heavy. Strange’s bass is deep and Duet’s and Windstein’s guitar work is great. The music itself is melodic, heavy, thick and tight. This is everything that sludge metal should be.

Track listing:

1. “Intro” 1:24
2. “Planets Collide” 4:38
3. “… And Suffer as One” 4:12
4. “1,000 Year Internal War” 4:02
5. “To Carry the Load” 4:03
6. “December’s Spawn” 5:11
7. “It’s All in the Gravity” 4:14
8. “Behind the Black Horizon” 6:02
9. “New Man Born” 4:47
10. “Scattered Pieces Lay” 5:23
11. “Odd Fellows Rest” 6:08
12. “On Frozen Ground” 4:00


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