Rubberneck: The Toadies

Rating: 85%

Rubberneck_album_cover.jpgRubberneck by the Toadies was released in 1994 and was their debut album. It featured rhythm guitarist and vocalist Vaden Todd Lewis, lead guitarist Darrel Herbert, bassist Lisa Umbarger, and drummer Mark Reznicek. When I heard “Possum Kingdom” I was completely blown away. Then, the radio stations were advertising this Texas band as a Grunge and I thought to myself “No way.” This was not grunge, but punk getting backing to it’s roots with some grunge thrown in and mixed with some damn good Alternative Rock.

Musically, I thought that this album was enjoyable. It contained it’s punk influences which can be heard on the opening track. It has some great melody and features some well done tempos. It has a good bit of harmony too. The guitar work is really amazing which can be heard on the song “Possum Kingdom.” Actually, the leads throughout the entire album are good. The bass is exceptionally good and there are some fine drumming on the album. Vocally, Todd Lewis has a unique voice. Production on the album is at it’s finest. Lyrically, this is a concept album about the “Possum Kingdom Lake” murders.

Track listing:

1. “Mexican Hairless”  1:48
2. “Mister Love” 2:51
3. “Backslider” 2:30
4. “Possum Kingdom” 5:09
5. “Quitter” 3:33
6. “Away” 4:34
7. “I Come from the Water” 2:46
8. “Tyler” 4:13
9. “Happy Face” 2:58
10. “Velvet” 2:30
11. “I Burn”


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