November Coming Fire: Samhain

Rating: 90%

Samhain_NovComFireIn 1986, Samhain III, “:November Coming Fire” was released. This album was a complete masterpiece and one of my favorite albums featuring vocalist Glenn Danzig. The band also consisted of future Danzig bassist Eerie Von. On guitars was Pete Marshall and London May on drums.  Danzig too, played drums on half of the album during the recording sessions.

Production on this album was so much better than “Initium.” There is a lack of background noise that was heard throughout the “Initium” recording. Musically, this album is just as good as anything with Danzig’s name to it. Lyrically, it is what one would expect from Danzig. The lyrics deal with pain, region and sex.  It also features the re-recording of “Halloween II” sung in Latin as it was during the Misfits years.

Structurally, this is a damn good album. I enjoyed every song on this album. It’s a mix of punk, but, it does contain elements of metal. It also features the creepy slow song called “To Walk the Night” where Danzig begins to establish himself as a vocalist rather than an ordinary punk singer. Tempos change dramatically from song to song. This album really is the build up to the future super band that will be called Danzig.

Although, this album lacks lead guitar, it does have many riffs that are heavily distorted. The drumming by both Danzig and May are superb. Eerie Von is establishing himself as a very talented bass player. This album is a very important piece of music history as it bridges the gap between punk and thrash metal as influences of both worlds are clearly heard throughout the record. If you never heard of this album, you should go out and try to find it.

Track listing:

1. “Diabolos ’88” 1:24
2. “In My Grip” 2:44
3. “Mother of Mercy” 3:09
4. “Birthright” 2:10
5. “To Walk the Night” 2:11
6. “Let the Day Begin” 2:36
7. “Halloween II” 3:15
8. “November’s Fire” 2:47
9. “Kiss of Steel” 1:29
10. “Unbridled” 1:48
11. “Human Pony Girl” 4:57


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