Battle Beast: Battle Beast

Rating: 78%

battlebeastIn 2013,Battle Beast released their second album called “Battle Beast.” This album was the first to feature their new female singer Noora Louhimo, replacing Nitte Valo. The rest of the Finnish band consists of bassist Eero Sipilä, guitarists Juuso Soinio & Anton Kabanen, drummer Pyry Vikki, and keyboardist Janne Björkroth.

Upon first listening to this album, I must admit, it was good to hear heavy metal going back to it’s roots. There is a small amount of folk influence and experimentation to some of the songs. Battle Beast using some modern day techniques decided to add that to old school heavy metal. It put me in mind of listening to Dragon Force mixed with Dio and Judas Priest. The duel action of hard hitting guitars mixed with great vocal work, drumming and keyboards made a good combination for band’s sound. Lyrically, the band writes songs about war, robots and the future.

The music itself is good. Some of the songs are trashy and speedy. The tempos are fast with lots of hard crushing riffs. Lots of leads and harmonizing fill in leads like one would expect from old school metal. The bass lines are fantastic. There is some great drumming on this record. The keyboards, and I am not a fan of keyboards, are not overdone. They seem to harmonize with the music rather than drowning it out.

Vocally, Noora Louhimo is awesome. She is one hell of a great vocalist in this genre of metal. Her range is low and high. Her vocals are drenched in grit. She is a cross between Rob Halford, Ronnie James Dio and Bruce Dickinson.

Track listing:

1. “Let It Roar” 3:40
2. “Out of Control” 3:47
3. “Out on the Streets” 2:55
4. “Neuromancer” 4:04
5. “Raven” 2:52
6. “Into the Heart of Danger” 5:26
7. “Machine Revolution” 4:05
8. “Golden Age” 1:57
9. “Kingdom” 5:00
10. “Over the Top” 2:37
11. “Fight, Kill, Die” 2:44
12. “Black Ninja” 3:54
13. “Rain Man” 5:12


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