Demons of the AstroWaste: Unleash the Archers

Rating: 75%

unleashIn 2011, Unleash the Archers released their second album “Demons of the AstroWaste.” This Canadian heavy metal band features vocalist Brittney Hayes, vocalist and guitarist Brayden Dyczkowski, guitarist Mike Selman, bassist Zahk Hedstrom and drummer Scott Buchanan. This album is a concept album for a futuristic war taking place in space or on other planets.

Musically, this is a very epic masterpiece of heavy metal. The only draw back I have is some of the songs seem to drag on as they sometimes do in Power/Epic Metal, but I get the concept. This album also has a lot of tempo changes. Also, there seems to be a touch techno in some areas of the songs. I hear the death metal segments but, it seems that I hear some Progressive Metal in some of the songs.

The guitar riffs are very strong and the leads are amazing. Lot’s of harmonizing guitar work throughout the entire album. There is some really good bass lines and drumming. Vocally, Brittney sounds great. She has a way of harmonizing her vocals with the screaming of the guitars. She is also backed by not one, but two harsh/dirty vocalists which gives it that death metal sounds.

Track listing:

1. 00:00:01 00:45 instrumental
2. Dawn of Ages 04:47
3. Realm of Tomorrow 05:15
4. General of the Dark Army 07:39
5. Daughters of Winterstone 05:42
6. Battle in the Shadow (Of the Mountain) 06:12
7. Despair 05:36
8. The Outlander 04:30
9. City of Iron 04:26
10. The Fall of the Galactic Guard 06:51
11. Astral Annihilation 04:23
12. Ripping Through Time 06:18


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