Flick of the Switch: AC/DC

Rating: 95%

Ac-dc_Flick_of_the_SwitchIn 1983, AC/DC released their ninth studio album “Flick of the Switch.” Many people don’t like this album, saying it’s too weak or too dry. I must admit first and foremost, this is one of my favorite AC/DC albums featuring Brian Johnson on vocals. This album has a very raw sound that isn’t polished up with the final mixing of the production. It’s ass kicking blues, hard rock style and in classic AC/DC sound.

Angus Young’s lead guitar is killer. His riffs and leads rip through the album. Malcolm Young shreds on the rhythm guitar, supporting the excellent bass work of Cliff Williams. Although, Phil Rudd recorded his drum tracks, he was fired from the band during the recording stages. At the same time, it’s the album that Johnson’s vocals begin getting weaker which is why I gave it 95% rating rather than a 100%.

This album sounds good. I love the raw, gritty and crunchy sound of the guitars. It’s blues with attitude. It has some wonderfully done guitar work. Song structures flow great and in fact, this is AC/DC’s second shortest album coming in behind of “Rock or Bust.” This album has some very nice melody. It features a decent collection of tempos that shift into high gear without letting off the throttle to quickly.

Track listing:

1. “Rising Power” 3:43
2. “This House Is on Fire” 3:23
3. “Flick of the Switch” 3:13
4. “Nervous Shakedown” 4:27
5. “Landslide” 3:57
6. “Guns for Hire” 3:24
7. “Deep in the Hole” 3:19
8. “Bedlam in Belgium” 3:52
9. “Badlands” 3:38
10. “Brain Shake”


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