High Voltage: AC/DC

Rating: 100%

Acdc_high_voltage_international_albumIn 1976, the world was introduced to AC/DC when their debut record, “High Voltage” was released. The band was made up of vocalist Bon Scott, lead guitarist Angus Young, rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young, bassist Mark Evans, and drummer Phil Rudd. AC/DC incorporated so much into their music from blues, jazz, rock n’ roll, and a touch of country music. Which makes “High Voltage” not only a great release, but an important and influential record of AC/DC’s career. This was one of the first albums that I learned how to play when I was a teenager back in 1988.

Musically, this album is pretty much flawless in my opinion. There is some really good riffs, great leads and some great tempos and melodies. There is some nice bass work on this record. “Live Wire” and “Little Lover” are twp examples off the top of my head that shows the talents of Mark Evans. It’s rock n’ roll at it’s best. The song structures and compositions are great and flow nicely. I love the raw gritty sound that is produced on this record. The entire album is fully charge with high energy from start to finish.

“Little Lover” is drenched in blues mixed with country music. It’s well written by Malcolm Young. I love the straight at you gritty guitar work on “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll).” Then Bon brings out the bagpipes and incorporates that into the song itself. I love the tempo changes and the song structure of “Can I Sit Next to You Girl.”

Vocally, I love the high pitched shrills and shrieks of Bon’s rough vocal style. He has a one of a kind voice that is truly unique. His style is raw. This combined with the music is what makes this record so great.

Lyrically, the album is wonderfully done. I love the tongue and cheek humor of “The Jack” and “She’s Got Balls.” “The Jack” is brilliant and the band will have a completely different set of lyrics that are straight forward with what the song is really about.

Track listing:

1. “It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ‘n’ Roll)” 5:01
2. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Singer” 5:04
3. “The Jack” 5:52
4. “Live Wire” 5:50
5. “T.N.T.” 3:34
6. “Can I Sit Next to You Girl” 4:12
7. “Little Lover” 5:37
8. “She’s Got Balls” 4:51
9. “High Voltage” 4:03


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