Powerage: AC/DC

Rating: 95%

Acdc_PoweragePowerage was AC/DC’s fourth international record that was released in 1978. This was also the first album to feature long time bassist Cliff Williams on bass. This album is well written and well done. It’s drenched still in blues and is a bit heavier that their first releases. The songs themselves are structured very well with a nice flow to them that makes the entire album enjoyable to listen to.

Musically, there is some well thought of riffs. Some of my favorite riffs are on songs like “Down Payment Blues”, “Riff Raff”, and “Sin City”. The leads are absolutely brilliant throughout all songs. The sound is a bit more polished, but still retains that raw high energy sound. Cliff Williams’s bass work follows very closely to that of Malcolm Young’s rhythm guitar. Phil Rudd drumming is flawless on the record. I love the tempos throughout the record. The slower, but heavy “Down Payment Blues” to the faster tempo of “Riff Raff”, or the even paced tempo on “What’s Next to the Moon.” This record has a lot melody.

Vocally, Bon Scott has improved much. He still has that raw higher pitch vocals, but it’s more in tuned and more controlled with the actual music. This is getting to be his peak as a vocalist. As a song writer, Bon Scott is composing some great material.

This album is yet another important album in AC/DC’s arsenal. It was another album that I learned how to play on the guitar. I used to perform “Sin City” when I was still playing in a band back in the garage. It will always be a great album for decades to come.

Track listing:

1. “Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation” 3:37
2. “Down Payment Blues” 6:03
3. “Gimme a Bullet” 3:21
4. “Riff Raff” 5:11
5. “Sin City” 4:45
6. “What’s Next to the Moon” 3:31
7. “Gone Shootin'” 5:05
8. “Up to My Neck in You” 4:13
9. “Kicked in the Teeth” 3:53


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