Highway to Hell: AC/DC

Rating: 100%

Acdc_Highway_to_Hell.JPGThe year of 1979 and AC/DC was at the top of their career. That was the year they released their masterpiece “Highway to Hell.” Sadly, this would be the last album that Bon Scott sang on. He died several months after the release. I love everything about this album as it is my favorite all-time AC/DC album.

Musically, this album is composed very well. It flows nicely with all of the main riffs, drumming and bass. It’s a full blast of heavy blues and distorted guitars that are perfectly in tune with the music. The leads are absolutely well done. They pay tribute to the blues and old school rock n’ roll. Angus Young to me is a modernized Chuck Berry. It’s a bit more polished in sound, but it’s well mixed. Lyrically,  I love the themes from rock n’ roll life and women. Vocally, Bon Scott is on top of his career, which is a damn shame that he died. Bottom line is that this album is FLAWLESS and I don’t say that about any album, but this one, it’s flawless.

Track listing:

1. “Highway to Hell” 3:29
2. “Girls Got Rhythm” 3:24
3. “Walk All Over You” 5:11
4. “Touch Too Much” 4:28
5. “Beating Around the Bush” 3:57
6. “Shot Down in Flames” 3:23
7. “Get It Hot” 2:35
8. “If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)” 4:38
9. “Love Hungry Man” 4:18
10. “Night Prowler” 6:18


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