U.S.A. for M.O.D.: M.O.D.

Rating: 80%

Mod_usaforIn 1987, M.O.D. released their debut album “U.S.A. for M.O.D.”  Riding off the name sake of S.O.D., vocalist Billy Milano, guitarist Tim McMurtrie, bassist Ken Ballone, and drummer Keith Davis formed Method of Destruction aka M.O.D. Scot Ian of Anthrax helped to produce this album.

M.O.D. is a cross over thrash band whose sound mixes thrash metal with hardcore punk. The lyrics are explicit, humorous and sometimes just down right goofy. You mix that with the style of thrash metal coming from the 1980’s and you have a pretty good record.

Musically, this album is really good. All instrumentation is clearly heard from the guitar work to the bass and drums. It’s mixed really well in that department. Vocally, it’s very strong. There’s lots of heavy and fast guitar riffs on this album. The guitar is very crunchy. There’s a lot of work going on, on this album. Several of the songs are over  two and half and three minutes long. Many of those are very good songs with a very strong trashy sound or feel to it. Others that come in under one minute or even under thirty seconds and that is where the album begins to falter if you’re into thrash. There’s even an acoustic guitar being used on “Odd to Harry.” While “Short but Sweet” features no instrumentation. Some of the music follows very closely to the free form of punk.

I gave this record an 80% rating because some of the material was used in Billy’s former band S.O.D. Example, “That Noise.” Rather than bring over some of the S.O.D., Billy and his band mates could have used that humor on something new. Other than that, I really enjoyed this album from the music to the humor of the lyrics that are often vulgar and obscene.

Track listing:

“Aren’t You Hungry?” – 3:25
“Get a Real Job” – 2:10
“I Executioner” – 2:31
“Don’t Feed the Bears” – 1:03
“Ballad of Dio” – 0:11
“Thrash or be Thrashed” – 0:51
“Let Me Out” – 1:39
“Bubble Butt” – 0:43
“You’re Beat” – 2:15
“Bushwackateas” – 0:19
“Man of Your Dreams” – 3:40
“That Noise” – 0:13
“Dead Men/Most/Captain Crunch” – 3:30
“Jim Gordon” – 2:39
“Imported Society” – 1:46
“Spandex Enormity” – 5:27
“Short But Sweet” – 0:06
“Parents” – 1:39
“Confusion”/”You’re X’ed” – 2:48 (written by The Faith)
“A.I.D.S.” – 2:00
“Ruptured Nuptuals” – 0:13
“Ode to Harry” – 1:31
“Hate Tank” – 2:20


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