3-D Man: Wrathchild America

Rating: 100%

Wrathchild_America_-_3-DIf there was an album that is completely under rated by the Heavy Metal world, then “3-D Man” released in 1991 by Wrathchild America is such an album. This album is the second album released by the band which is among my favorite all-time heavy metal albums. It’s jazzy, it’s got thrash and it also has some groove to it. The band really put something together that flows nicely and sounds awesome. Brad Divens vocal and bass work as far as I am concerned, is amazing. Terry Carter’s and Jay Abbene’s guitars sound good. Shannon Larkin’s drumming to me is a work of art.

Musically, the album features some of the best offbeats and fast tempos that came out of the 1990’s. Structurally, the music flows well. The final mix is better than their previous album “Climbin’ the Walls.” The bass is very jazzy sounding which is clearly heard on every song. There lot’s of great guitar riffs followed by some of the best leads. In my opinion, this album contains some of the best whiskey drenched vocals that Brad Divens has ever done. There’s not a whole lot of filler songs on here either which is nice. There is some nice melody to the sound. There’s a good bit of harmony in the chorus.  The musicianship is tight.  Highlights include “Spy”, “Draintime”, “Surrounded by Idiots”, and “Prego.”

Track listing:

“3-D Man” – 4:25
“Spy” – 4:42
“Gentleman Death” – 3:59
“Forever Alone” – 4:37
“Draintime” – 6:01
“Surrounded by Idiots” – 6:05
“Desert Grins” – 6:29
“What’s Your Pleasure?” – 4:10
“Prego (Instrumental)” – 2:58
“Another Nameless Face” – 4:31
“//” – 5:21
“I Ain’t Drunk, I’m Just Drinkin’ (Albert Collins cover) (Bonus track) ” – 4:15



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