Six-T-Six: Souls At Zero

Rating: 90%

souls-at-zero-six-t-six(ep)-20140324171259.jpgSix-t-Six EP was released in 1994 and features a good collection of tracks that kick ass. Bassist and lead vocalist Brad Divens, guitarists Jay Abbene and Terry Carter and drummer Shannon Larkin make up the personnel on this EP. I have always dug Souls At Zero even when they were known as Wrathchild America. They were a local band hailing from Alexandria, Virginia and Baltimore, Maryland.

Six-t-Six is a good sounding album that is a bit different than some of their previous stuff. During the Wrathchild America days, the band was pretty much a solid Thrash Metal band. After changing their name they began incorporating Groove into there music, while at the same time, retaining that jazz influence. Good example that can be heard is the song called “Flies.” There seems to be a little of the Nu Metal influence that was added into their style.

Musically, the album sounds good. Production wise, it’s pretty good. Brad Divens vocal work and bass lines are great. Shannon Larkin’s drumming is heavy. The guitar work is pretty decent. “Hardline” is a great example of Shannon’s brilliant drumming. Lot’s off good fast tempos mixed with lots of what I call offbeats. Lots of good riffs and leads throughout the entire EP. Shannon Larkin’s vocal work on “Flies” and “When the Shit Hits the Fan” is an added bonus, although on “Flies” I am hearing Brad Divens’ vocals. Sadly, this was Shannon Larkin’s last work with the band as he moved on to Ugly Kid Joe and Godsmack.

Track listing:

1. “Don’t Ask”
2. “Underneath”
3. “Flies”
4. “Hardline” ((Demo ’92))
5. “I Against I (Bad Brains Cover)”
6. “When The Shit Hits The Fan”


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