Brutal Destruction: Cyclone

Rating: 75%

2954In 1986, Belgium Thrash Metal band Cyclone released their first record “Brutal Destruction.” The band at the time consisted of vocalist Guido Gevels, guitarists Pascal “Kalle” van Lint and Johnny Kerbush, guitarist and bassist Stefan Daamen and drummer Nicolas Lairin.

Musically, the tempos are very fast. Lot’s of crunchy riffs and shrieking leads and fill in leads. The drumming is hard smashing fun that will get you headbanging from start to finish. the bass is thunderous. Vocally, Guido Gevels has a strong accent in his vocal work that is very raw. His screeching vocal range makes the album even more haunting within the music. Cyclone displays what the typical European thrash scene was like. They are not a Sodom, but they seem to pull many influences from American and other European thrash metal bands blending it in with their own musical style.

Production wise, well…take it with a grain of salt. It is what it is, it’s 1980’s and lots of background noise is heard on the album. There are some filler songs on this album. If you’re into Thrash Metal, check these guys out. I enjoyed their music when I was growing up.

Track listing:

1. Prelude to the End 02:16 instrumental
2. Long to Hell 03:20
3. Fall Under His Command 04:47
4. The Call of Steel 04:32
5. Fighting the Fatal 04:36
6. In the Grip of Evil 04:44
7. Take Thy Breath 03:44
8. Incest Love 03:24


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