Blue Grass Banjos on Fire: Homer and the Barnstormers

Rating: 75%

homer.jpgReleased in 1964, Homer and the Barnstormers released “Blue Grass Banjos on Fire.” The album itself, I picked up at Fayetteville, PA for about $1.00. this album features a collection of timeless classics covered by Homer and his band. Not a lot of information is out there about who Homer and the Barnstormers were. An alternative album cover exists for this record that features a picture of the banjo body.  In 1980, a revised edition of the album was released called “Flaming Banjos.”

The sound quality of the vinyl gives the album an old time feel as if you are listening to the music as it was meant to be heard. The music is absolutely beautiful. Lots of tempo, harmony and melody. Musically, the covers are done in classic style with mostly instrumentals and very little singing. The banjos are storming across the entire and are the focal point of the material. The fiddle adds a nice touch along with the guitar.

If your a fan of Bluegrass, try to find this album and give it a listen to. I am sure that you will enjoy this timeless classic. The only reason why rated this as a 75% is because of the fact that the music is all covers. But I am sure that if there was some original work out there, the rating would be much higher. I grew up on bluegrass as my roots are deep in Appalachia. I am very proud of my Appalachia heritage and when I hear music like this, it reminds me of my home in the mountains.

Track listing:
A1 Beverly Hillbillies Theme (Ballad Of Jed Clampett)
A2 Fire On The Mountain
A3 Stay All Night
A4 Arkansas Traveler
A5 Careless Love
A6 Grandfather’s Clock
B1 Cumberland Gap
B2 Goin’ Up Cripple Creek
B3 Ole’ Joe Clark
B4 Camptons Races
B5 Ole’ Dan Tucker
B6 Blue Grass Blossoms


1980 re-release cover.


Alternative cover.


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