Tramp on Your Street: Shaver

Rating: 90%

MI0002042598In 1993, Billy Joe Shaver teamed up with his son Eddie on guitar and released “Tramp on Your Street.” This album is fantastic with almost 50 seconds of filler, “K.A.N.D.” The rest of the album is just pure outlaw country. For those who never heard of Billy Joe Shaver, for decades, he wrote many songs for country artists, including Waylon Jennings.

“Tramp On Your Street” is a combination of many influences from blues, to country, rock n’ roll, gospel to Dixieland, aka, New Orleans music. It’s blended well and sounds great. Lot’s of great melodies. Musically, this album is a strong country album and should be considered as a influential album to those artists trying to break out in this genre.

The music on here is not pop country, like what you hear on the radio. Billy Joe Shaver proves that he can come back and take the country world by storm. This album as monumental as it is, sets the direction that Billy Joe Shaver is moving toward. That trend is going against the grain and making music that he feels and not what country music today wants to hear. His son Eddie, shreds on this album producing some really good leads throughout every song. He has proven himself as a great country guitarist which for the 1990’s was lacking. Highlights on the record include “Heart of Texas”, “Georgia on a Fast Train”, “Tramp on Your Street”, and “I Want Some More.” Also, I love “I’m Just an Old Chunk of Coal.”

Track listing:

1. Heart of Texas feat: Waylon Jennings
2. Oklahoma Wind feat: Waylon Jennings
3. Georgia on a Fast Train
4. Live Forever
5. If I Give My Soul
6. Tramp on Your Street
7. K.A.N.D., Corsicana, Texas
8. Good Ol’ U.S.A.
9. The Hottest Thing in Town
10. When the Fallen Angels Fly
11. Take a Chance on Romance
12. I’m Just an Old Chunk of Coal (But I’m Going to Be a Diamond Someday)
13. I Want Some More/Tenntex Tear Down


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