Bluegrass Festival: Lester Flatt Live!

Rating: 85%

lesterflattIn 1974, Lester Flatt along with special guest Bill Monroe released a live album simply called “Lester Flatt Live!” It has a good collection of songs and classic hits that Lester Flatt wrote or co-wrote.  One thing that I found interesting is that Marty Stuart played the mandolin on this album. He eventually became a country music star.

The musicianship during this performance is outstanding. I love how the audience is involved on the album. There’s plenty of banjo, throughout the entire performance. Lot’s of good guitar work, fiddle and bass lines. The sound quality is good from the music to the vocal work of Lester Flatt and Bill Monroe.

Some of the songs on here that stand out during this recording is “Orange Blossom Special” which is a fast tempo, lot’s of banjo and a fiddle that steals the show. I have always loved this version of “Orange Blossom Special.” “Nine Pound Hammer” is another good song that sticks out on this live performance. It’s a story about John Henry who ran against the machine laying tracks and how his hammer was faster in placing those spikes into the ground.

I always enjoyed Bluegrass music as I was brought up on it. I might love Heavy Metal music, but bluegrass music has always flowed through my veins. Listening to this album on my record player brings back a lot of memories of me as a child when I listened to my father play his banjo.

Track listing:

A-1. Foggy Mountain breakdown 0:35
A-2. Lost all my money 1:33
A-3. Homestead on the farm 2:33
A-4. Rawhide 2:32
A-5. Wabash cannon ball 3:28
A-6. Orange Blossom Special 2:25
A-7. Nine pound hammer 2:43
B-1. Flint Hill special 2:25
B-2. Get in line brother 2:31
B-3. Blue moon of Kentucky Bill Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys 2:09
B-4. Will you be lovin’ another man Bill Monroe & Lester Flatt 1:43
B-5. Little cabin home on the hill Bill Monroe & Lester Flatt 2:50
B-6. Salty dog blues 2:01
B-7. Dig a hole in the meadow 2:03
B-8. Cumberland Gap 2:12


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