Fly on the Wall: AC/DC

Rating: 65%

Fly_On_The_Wall.jpgIn 1985, AC/DC released “Fly on the Wall.” This was the first album to feature Simon Wright on drums. When I first heard this album, I was like “What the Hell? What happened to AC/DC?” This album got boring after a few listens, even though, there were some decent material.

This album just doesn’t have the energy that AC/DC is known for. It’s almost as if AC/DC just put out an album to put out an album. There’s no power behind the group as if they are trying to rediscover themselves in the ever changing styles and sounds of music of the 1980’s.

The first thing one will hear is the weakness of the vocals. Vocally, Brian Johnson is very weak. His vocal work seems to be thrown in the background to hide his weakness. It has this echo throughout the entire album and the guitars seem to almost drown out his vocals. Lyrically, AC/DC still deals with drinking, sex and good ol’ rock n’ roll. But, the song writing, is very weak.

Musically, this album has flaws. There’s a lot of filler to the song structure. The tempo of the album is pretty much the same on all songs except of one, “Danger.” But even the chorus seems to drag on a bit with that song. The album has some good riffs and some good leads, but the mixing of the record is not good at all.  Two songs, “Shake Your Foundations” and “Sink the Pink” seem to stick out and appear on the soundtrack “Who Made Who” for the movie “Maximum Overdrive.” This seems to give the band a second chance with this album as the “Who Made Who” album would become very  popular in the mid 1980’s.

“Fly on the Wall” is my least favorite album. Although, I remember seeing the MTV videos for many of these songs, but even then, I was ready for the next song. I still listen to this album as I have it on vinyl and CD. The tape has been long gone.

Track listing:

1. “Fly on the Wall” 3:44
2. “Shake Your Foundations” 4:10
3. “First Blood” 3:46
4. “Danger” 4:22
5. “Sink the Pink” 4:15
6. “Playing with Girls” 3:44
7. “Stand Up” 3:53
8. “Hell or High Water” 4:32
9. “Back in Business” 4:24
10. “Send for the Man” 3:36


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