The Origin of the Feces: Type O Negative

Rating: 90%

481523.jpgOK, lot’s going on with this album that was released in 1992. First, the cover has been censored to the current image. We’ll just say the picture that was on the album was a close up of a certain body part. But would one expect less from Type O Negative? No! Another thing about this album is that it has a live audience, but it’s not live. Nonetheless, this is a killer album. It has a lot of humor behind the songs. So let’s dive into the tracks and the band.

The line up on this album consisted of vocalist and bassist Peter Steele, guitarist Kenny Hickey, drummer Sal Abruscato and keyboardist Josh Silver. Musically, this album is killer. The tracks picked for this not so live performance flows so well, that you hear the band for what they are.

I love the killer track “I Know You’re Fucking Someone Else” that takes one on a long drawn out journey of a man knowing that his girlfriend is cheating on him. You have the build up of the relationship and then the confrontation. The tempos are performed nicely.  “Are You Afraid” and “Gravity” are a seamless tracks that flow right into one another. I love the cover of “Hey Pete” which replaces the weapon of choice, a gun to an ax.

“Paranoid” is a classic Black Sabbath song that Type O Negative covers in which the entire song has been overhauled to fit Type O Negative’s style and sound. The Black Sabbath cover just shows you how good of a band Type O Negative is.

Track listing:

1. I Know You’re Fucking Someone Else 15:01
2. Are You Afraid 02:13
3. Gravity 07:13
4. Pain 04:40
5. Kill You Tonight 02:17
6. Hey Pete (Billy Roberts cover) 05:10
7. Kill You Tonight (Reprise) 07:06
8. Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover) 07:20


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