Good Bye to One of My Favorite Heavy Metal Bands, Manowar

I’ve been into Manowar since 1988 when the “Kings of Metal” was released and I was 11 years old. I was blown away by heavy riffs used by Ross the Boss, the vocals of Eric Adams. The shredding of Joey DeMaio on bass, which I will add is on hell of a great bassist. You combined these three factors in with the thunderous drumming by Scott Columbus and you have one hell of a great heavy metal band….the Kings of Heavy Metal.

Manowar has always represented what heavy metal should be and what heavy metal will always be. Even after a few line up changes, that included Karl Logan, Donnie Hamzik, David Shankle, and Rhino,  I always looked forward to a new Manowar album. Although, in the last few years, I must admit, that they have released and re-released the same material. I figured it was a matter of time until the torch that Manowar carried would be handed down to a new generation of heavy metal bands. That day has now come.

My hat is tipped for a band that has been true to it’s word, it’s fans and it’s style from being the loudest band of ALL-TIME to the phone call I received from Joey when I purchased one of their t-shirts. From leather to chains, swords, axes, shields and the hammer, Manowar will be among the great forefathers of “True Metal.” Looking back on their studio albums, I have decided to rank them to my favorites:

  1. The Triumph of Steel
  2. Kings of Metal
  3. Sign of the Hammer
  4. Battle Hymns
  5. Hail to England
  6. Into Glory Ride
  7. Louder than Hell
  8. Fighting the World
  9. Warriors of the World
  10. Thounder in the Sky
  11. Lords of Steel
  12. Gods of War
  13. Battle Hymns 2010
  14. Kings of Metal 2014

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