Set the Dial: Black Tusk

Rating: 85%

black.jpgIn 2011, Black Tusk released “Set the Dial.” The trio of musicians on this album consist of vocalist & guitarist  Andrew Fidler, bassist & vocalist Jonathan Athon, and drummer & vocalist James May. Together, these three musicians blend hardcore punk and heavy metal into what the band refers to as “Swamp Metal” or what the world has dubbed, as “Sludge Metal.”

I was introduced to Black Tusk when I heard the song “Ender of All.” At that point, I ran out and picked up the album in Chambersburg. I love everything about this album. The hardcore punk style. The heaviness of the guitars, bass and drums. The sludgy sound of the music. I also love the duel and sometimes the triple vocal barrage from song to song that each person of the band puts forth.

This album has a little bit of something for everyone. If you’re into hardcore punk, you’ll immediately hear from start to finish. If you’re into heavy metal, you’ll notice the heaviness of the riffs and this album has plenty of riffs. If you’re into fast tempos and short songs, this album is for. If you’re into songs that rock and are drawn out, well there are a few on here. This album even has some lead guitar work as well.

For a Sludge Metal band, these guys diffidently fused hardcore punk within their sound. If you’re a fan of the doom metal or death metal elements that make up the other side of sludge metal, you won’t find it here.

Track listing:

1.Brewing the Storm 01:56
2. Bring Me Darkness 03:05
3. Ender of All 04:39
4. Mass Devotion 02:39
5. Carved in Stone 03:35
6. Set the Dial to Your Doom 02:58
7. Resistor 04:27
8. This Time is Divine 02:56
9. Growing Horns 03:26
10. Crossroads and Thunder 04:20


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