Strong Stuff: Hank Williams Jr

Rating: 90%

StrongStuff.jpg“Strong Stuff” released in 1983 by Hank Williams Jr. is one of my all time favorites country records by Hank Jr. It’s a collection of songs that are heavier, leaning toward Southern Rock. You can hear it on “La Grange” and “Blue Jean Blues”, both of which are ZZ Top songs and the “Made in the Shade” which is a Lynyrd Skynyrd song. Some of the other songs that Hank wrote like “Gonna Go Huntin’ Tonight” and “In the Arms of Cocaine” too are heavier than some of his previous songs.

The songs structure are nicely done. This album surely is one of Hank Jr.’s classic albums. The entire album is very enjoyable to listen to. “Leave Them Boys Alone” features Waylon Jennings and Ernest Tubb on backing vocals. “A Whole Lot of Hank” pay tribute to Jr.’s father Hank Sr., while “In the Arms of Cocaine” deals with the issues of drug use by two lovers.

Track listing:

1.”Gonna Go Huntin’ Tonight” 2:36
2.”La Grange” 5:21
3.”A Whole Lot of Hank” 2:55
4.”Made in the Shade” 4:35
5.”Leave Them Boys Alone” 3:36
6.”The Girl on the Front Row at Fort Worth” 2:38
7.”The Homecoming Queen”4:22
8.”Blue Jean Blues” 4:07
9.”Twodot Montana” 2:39
10.”In the Arms of Cocaine” 4:08


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