Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good!: Megadeth

Rating: 95%

megadeth.jpgAfter being ousted from Metallica, Dave Mustaine on a war path, created Megadeth. Megadeth’s number one goal was to be everything that Metallica could never be. Faster, heavier, harder and most of all better. The result was the 1985 debut record “Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good!”  This album featured guitarist and vocalist Dave Mustaine, guitarist Chris Poland, bassist David Ellefson and drummer Gar Samuelson.

After purchasing the “So Far” album in 1988, I went out and purchased the “Killing” album. When I heard the piano on the opening track and then the entire band coming in, I was blown away. I was like “Holy Shit! What was that?” That was raw power, aggression, and raw energy that had been building up for years and that same energy would carry Megadeth to the top and become one of the Big Four Thrash Metal bands.

This album is a solid debut and if it isn’t already considered as one of the most important Trash Metal albums of all time, then it should be. This album has everything on it. It has fast and heavy tempos, great riffs, excellent leads, kick ass musicianship and cool lyrical themes. Even the crappy version of “These Boots” is a decent remake of a Nancy Sinatra song written by Lee Hazlewood.

The biggest complaint I have with this record is the sound quality. While I do love the raw sound of the music itself, it’s a hard album to turn up and jam to with all that background noise in the recording itself. Other than that, Dave Mustaine has created something great and seeing where his band has been and where it went, I must say, that Megadeth will always be the forerunner of the Thrash movement and a very important key influence in heavy metal music.

Track listing:

1. Last Rites / Loved to Death 04:42
2. Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good! 03:08
3. Skull Beneath the Skin 03:48
4. These Boots (Nancy Sinatra cover) 03:42
5. Rattlehead 03:43
6. Chosen Ones 02:56
7. Looking Down the Cross 05:03
8. Mechanix 04:25


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