So Far, So Good… So What!: Megadeth

Rating: 95%

Megadeth-SoFar.jpg“So Far, So Good… So What!” is the third album released by Megadeth in 1988. This was also my first album of theirs and it was an eye opener. I loved everything about this album. The fast paced music, the lyrical themes and the musicianship. The album features the guitar god himself Dave Mustaine on vocals and guitar, bassist David Ellefson, Guitarist Jeff Young and drummer Chuck Behler.

Upon hearing the opening track, I was amazed at the fast rhythm, the fast tempos and Dave’s vocals. Right then and there, I tossed my Metallica tapes to the side. Megadeth has been one of my favorite heavy metal bands ever since that day. The way that Dave Mustaine writes, plays and the band itself, has been the in the forefront and setting the standard for heavy metal music.

The lyrics to this album deal with nuclear war to freedom of speech. Dave has always shown his conservative views with his followers which is why I respect him, even to this day. I love the lyrics to “Hook in Mouth.” This was a song that inspired me to become a historian telling history as it is and telling it true. The almost ballad “In My Darkest Hour” was another good song off this record. You can really feel the hurt in Dave’s voice.

Musically, this album is solid. There are some really great riffs here. The leads are spectacular. The sound quality is a bit noisy which is why I rated this album at 95%. Dave’s vocal work has a lot of feeling throughout the entire album. I love his raspy voice. The verses are well written and composed, the chorus lines are just as good. Dave bridges the two brilliantly. This is classic Thrash Metal and it’s Trash Metal at its best, period.

Track listing:

1. “Into the Lungs of Hell” instrumental 3:29
2. “Set the World Afire” 5:48
3. “Anarchy in the U.K.” (Sex Pistols cover)  3:00
4. “Mary Jane” 4:25
5. “502” 3:28
6. “In My Darkest Hour”  6:16
7. “Liar”  3:20
8. “Hook in Mouth” 4:40


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