Salt the Wound: U.S. Christmas

Rating: 85%

usc.jpgIf you’re into psychedelic rock, sludge metal, and folk of the modern day, then U.S. Christmas may be a band worth looking into. I was turned onto the band when I heard the song “Black Snake” which captured my mind. The atmosphere of the music was unbelievable. There was some sort of aggression to the music and yet soothing. It was like listening to Pink Floyd mixed with Hawkwind with some Jefferson Airplane and Neil Young thrown into the mix.

U.S. Christmas is led by the talented vocalist and guitarist Nate Hall. Violinist Meghan Mulhearn, bassist Josh Holt and drummer B.J. Graves make up the rest of the North Carolina band.

Musically, this album is raw, powerful and energetic. The musicianship is very good. This album features excellent guitar riffs and kick ass leads. Several great bass lines and solid drumming round out the album’s sound. Nate’s vocal work is decent.  U.S. Christmas uses a lot of influences and places it all into their blend of music which makes this band very unique. The harmonies are wonderfully established to the point its almost melodic. Melodies and tempos vary and are not drawn out. Production of the album is decent. I would definitely recommend this album to anyone who is into this style of music.

Track listing:

Lazarus 6:27
Death By Horses 4:54
New War 5:24
Devil’s Flower 5:18
Thin The Herd 4:06
Norpo 5:40
Black Snake 7:29
Queen Of The World 4:11
Silent Tongue 12:23
Black Lung 4:45


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