How The Gods Kill: Danzig III

Rating: 95%

1129Danzig III was released in 1992. This record is among my favorite Danzig records of all time. This time we see Danzig still using a little of Blues element, but it’s a bit heavier than the previous releases.  The album is also a more darker album, retaining much of the themes centered religion, sex and darkness. This album was a nice follow up to Danzig II which was released two years prior in 1990.

The band is still very solid and at the top of their field. Musically, this album is much heavier, a bit slower in tempo on many of the songs, while keeping the melody together and production is much clearer. Eerie Von on bass,  Chuck Biscuits on drums, John Christ on guitars and vocalist and pianist Glenn Danzig have proven themselves once again with putting together a great sound and quality record. It retains some great riffs and classic John Christ leads. Glenn’s vocals on all of the tracks are amazing, especially on  tracks 1,2,3,7 and 8. He’s proving himself as a singer and songwriter and the band itself has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the heavy metal world.  Bottom line, this is a perfect record that features that classic Danzig lineup.

Track listing:

1. Godless 06:51
2. Anything 04:49
3. Bodies 04:25
4. How the Gods Kill 05:57
5. Dirty Black Summer 05:14
6. Left Hand Black 04:30
7. Heart of the Devil 04:40
8. Sistinas 04:25
9. Do You Wear the Mark? 04:47
10. When the Dying Calls 03:31


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