Lucifuge: Danzig II

Rating 100%

1928.jpgDanzig II was released in 1990. I remember that when I found out about this record being released, I was there the day it hit the record store shelf. The song titles were killer and I knew that the man in black had returned with his follow up to Danzig I. When I placed the cassette tape into my stereo, and heard just the opening track, I was completely blown away.

Vocally, this is one of Glenn Danzig’s most powerful records. His vocal work is very impressive throughout the ENTIRE record. But two songs really stick out “Blood and Tears” and “Devil’s Plaything” where he hits the highest notes of his career. Song writing is very good where themes of religion, sex and pain are a seamless listening experience. Glenn Danzig during one interview said he would never put out the same record twice and the bluesy sound of this record makes that statement true to this day. The backing vocals on this record are also very good.

Musically, Danzig proves that the Blues could be a heavy influence on the music of 1990’s as it was during the 1970’s. This album pays tribute to those blues men like Howlin Wolf and Muddy Waters. “I’m the One” is one of those song that pays such tribute. Although, heavily drenched in the blues, that doesn’t stop John Christ from coming up with powerful riffs. Eerie Von is playing bass outside of his realm as a former punker, but, he has mastered the blues. His work is clearly heard throughout each track. Chuck Biscuits also a drummer in the punk/hardcore world, has proven himself as well. His best drumming is on “Pain in the World.”

Danzig II is a record that should always be considered as a key influential record in the heavy metal world. This record is flawless. It has plenty of melody, guitar riffs, great solos and great vocal work. This record documents Danzig at his peak of the early 1990’s. The musicianship from the bass, drums to the guitar are amazing. You add in some of Glenn’s piano work which sets far in the background on a few tracks, you have one hell of an evil blues record with lots of Elvis influence. The overall production and final mixing is great.

Track listing:

1. Long Way Back from Hell 04:23
2. Snakes of Christ 04:34
3. Killer Wolf 03:59
4. Tired of Being Alive 04:03
5. I’m the One 03:21
6. Her Black Wings 04:47
7. Devil’s Plaything 04:13
8. 777 05:39
9. Blood and Tears 04:20
10. Girl 04:12
11. Pain in the World 05:52


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