Thrall-Demonsweatlive: Danzig

Rating: 70%

7975In 1993, Danzig released the EP “Thrall-Demonsweatlive.” I was a huge Danzig fan prior to this and a lot people hated Danzig. But the minute “Mother 93” hit the airwaves all these posers came out and said how awesome Danzig was. I was like “What the fuck?” These were the same people who made fun of me when I listened to the Doors, then the movie came out and everyone became Doors fans overnight. The same happened with Danzig. But no one ever took time to listen to his music from his first three solo albums or the albums from the Misfits and Samhain. Well, then the fad went out of style and no one cared about Danzig until “Mother” was used in Guitar Hero video game. By that point, I was all “Mothered” out.

This album was a double edge sword for me. I loved the studio tracks on the first side called “Thrall.” I have heard Danzig live before, so I knew that the second side “Demonsweatlive” of the EP would be flawed with regards to the sound, production and the final mixing of the product. But at the same time, I knew that this was a great time for people to discover Danzig and his live sound.

Thrall Side:

Three basic tracks that were kick ass. The first song “It’s Coming Down” starts out with classic raw energy of John Christ’s guitar riffs, combined with Eerie Von’s thundering bass and Chuck Biscuits pounding the shit out of the drums. These three musicians set the stage of the true Danzig sound. Glenn’s vocal work comes in quickly and is very impressive and the backing vocals are stronger than ever. This is Danzig’s peak as a vocalist and the peak of his classic line up before the overhaul. Which would come in 1995.

“Violet Fire” is also a strong track on this album. It retains a powerful riff centered around a great sound of traditional chords. John Christ has an ability to add lots of jazz influences with blues thrown in that makes the true classic Danzig sound. The lead in this song is heavily distorted giving the song an evil side that is dark. The drums and bass make the song seem very heavy with a tad bit of doom thrown into it. The harmony of the backing vocals to Danzig’s powerful voice is well done.

“Trouble”is not new as a cover song for Danzig. He has covered this in Samhain and has brought it over to his solo project. This is a really good cover song that was once done by Elvis. Danzig’s vocal work on this track is probably the best on the EP, especially the chorus lines. John Christ’s bluesy style really adds to this the track and the lead on this song is outstanding. The outro is very good too.

Demonsweatlive Side:

This is the live side. The songs chosen for this are a good taste of what Danzig is about. It features live tracks from Danzig I, II and III. With live performances there is a great deal of background noise. For some reason, Danzig’s live shows are always features his best songs, but the tempo is much faster as if he is trying the capture the days of his previous bands with that hardcore or punk sound. Either way, if you never heard of Danzig, you might want to start in order of his releases, as the live side of this EP could be a turn off for you.

Bottom line, this is a decent EP that captures Danzig during his peak as a performer and song writer. The only reason I gave it a 70% rating, is the live side and the remastered version of “Mother.” This was the EP that pissed me off with so many posers running around proclaiming false allegiance to the man in black.

Track listing:

1. It’s Coming Down 03:36
2. The Violet Fire 04:58
3. Trouble 03:22
4. Snakes of Christ (live) 04:17
5. Am I Demon (live) 04:21
6. Sistinas (live) 04:03
7. Mother (live) 03:30

Hidden track: Mother 93


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