Frontal Assault: Angel Witch

Rating: 70%

Angel_Witch_frontal_assault_2.jpgIn 1986, “Frontal Assault” was the NWOBHM was released in the U.S. This album featured half on the album “Frontal Assault” and the other half was from the album “Screamin’ ‘n’ Bleedin’.” This album features vocalist David Tattum, bassist Peter Gordelier, guitarist Kevin Heybourne and drummer Spencer Hollman.

Although, a decent effort, this album comes with many flaws. First and foremost, is the background noise. I know that this was an issue back in the 1980’s with many many bands, but this album to me sounded very flat. Which is shame, because Angel Witch had a chance to among the top of the NWOBHM and with each album including this one, they failed to capitalize on it. Because of that, they’ll always be a secondary band of the movement.

With regards to the music, there are some outstanding pieces of work here. “Evil Games” features a pretty decent guitar riff. In fact, all of the songs are decently structured with some outstanding riffs and leads. The vocal work is decent, but at times is a bit drawn out. That is where the album becomes a bit boring. With regards to the music, it’s heavy and seems doomy at times, but again, the production and the sound just seems so damn flat. Which is a shame, because as a kid, I had high hopes for this band and those hopes some 25 years later have dwindled.

Do what I did, save yourself some money and preview all of their songs and download those that you like. They have some really good ones out there. It’s just not worth buying the entire albums for.

Track listing:

1. Dream World 03:50
2. She Don’t Lie 05:51
3. Frontal Assault 04:01
4. Something Wrong 04:37
5. Straight from Hell 04:20
6. Evil Games 04:14
7. Waltz the Night 05:58
8. Goodbye 03:45
9. Fatal Kiss 04:43
10. Whose to Blame 04:07


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