Damaged: Black Flag

Rating: 90%

Black_Flag_-_Damaged_cover.jpgIn 1981, Black Flag released their first full length record “Damaged.” After a few line up changes, this album consisted of the newly hired Henry Rollins on vocals, along with guitarist Dez Cadena, lead guitarist Greg Ginn, bassist Chuck Dukowski and drummer Robo.

I remember when I first heard Black Flag a long time ago. I believe it was the record “Slip It In.” I was impressed by the punk sound and the quality of the music itself. I remember that I went out to Record and tape Traders to buy my first Black Flag record, it was this one here.

Musically speaking, this record is a very solid record. It’s has plenty of guitar work and yes, it has some short leads on some of the songs. The music has a lot of structure. Punk for the most part was a free style. Greg Ginn has a lot to do with that. His style gave Black Flag the sound and style it needed to break onto the mainstream music scene. It’s Hardcore Punk that is done in a fun way and yet their was some resistance to this album when it was released. Many felt that this would lay waste to American youth.

Lyrics such as “TV Party” are very humorous. Other lyrics deals with the social atmosphere of the time. Add that to the fury, rage and aggressive style of Henry Rollins, helped to bring Black Flag to forefront of its genre. His straight forward style was like balls to the wall power. Henry Rollins was only in the band for a few weeks prior to the album’s recording.

Black Flag has had a hand in influencing many musical genres including Grunge and Sludge Metal. This album ranked as one of the best top 25 records of the 1980’s. It’s not hard to see why.

Track listing:

Side one

1. “Rise Above” 2:26
2. “Spray Paint”  0:34
3. “Six Pack” 2:20
4. “What I See”  1:56
5. “TV Party” 3:31
6. “Thirsty and Miserable”  2:06
7. “Police Story” 1:30
8. “Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie” 1:47

Side two

1. “Depression” 2:28
2. “Room 13”  2:04
3. “Damaged II” 3:23
4. “No More”  2:25
5. “Padded Cell” 1:47
6. “Life of Pain” 2:50
7. “Damaged I” 3:50



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