Appetite for Destruction: Guns N’ Roses

Rating: 100%

gnr.jpgI remember when this album came out in 1987. the first song to hit the airwaves was “Sweet Child o’ Mine.” That’s right, this was when GNR made the big time with their debut album “Appetite for Destruction.” This album alone brought attitude back to hard rock and heavy metal during a time when the power ballads of hair/glam metal ruled the airwaves.

In 1987, GNR was made up of talented musicians. You have the one and only Axl Rose on vocals, the guitar god himself Slash, the classy guitarist Izzy Stradlin, the punk rockin’ Duff “Rose” McKagan on bass and drummer Steven Adler. These five guys would storm the music scene up until 1990 when lineup changes were made to the band.

By 1988, GNR was one of the most famous groups around. They were different. Some of the influences in their songs were classic rock, punk rock, and pulling other elements of heavy metal and branding that into their own sound. Musically, this album is very solid. Lots of good tempos, lots of musical styles throughout the recording made this genuine and unique. The music scene needed a refreshing dose of new heavy metal and GNR provided it.

One thing you’ll notice is the guitar work. The leads themselves blend in with the rhythm so well. The main riffs throughout each song and the leads that are within are remarkable and perfect to the last note. Slash has a way of playing and such a unique style a song that he playing on, you know right away who it is. Izzy is a more classy musician and song writer. He would be the Keith Richards of the band. His style of blues and rock are a great tribute to the band’s full rock n’ roll sound. Izzy and Slash are like Lester and Earl. You can’t have one without the other. Although, the two would go their separate ways. Between the two playing, the guitar work on this album is what make the album so damn great.

Then you add the punk rock portions on this album with Duff and his bass work. The way it’s blended in, makes the album a work of art. Followed that by the Janis Joplin influenced style vocal work of Axl Rose, it’s no wonder why so many people flocked to GNR once this album was released. His vocal work is amazing, although, it comes with a lot of attitude.

Bottom line, this album has influence music like no other modern band has. Even to this day, you hear their music playing while you watch a baseball game. “Welcome to the Jungle” has become more or less an anthem and a rallying point with sports.

Track listing:

1. “Welcome to the Jungle” 4:31
2. “It’s So Easy” 3:21
3. “Nightrain” 4:26
4. “Out ta Get Me” 4:20
5. “Mr. Brownstone” 3:46
6. “Paradise City” 6:46
7. “My Michelle” 3:39
8. “Think About You” 3:50
9. “Sweet Child o’ Mine” 5:55
10. “You’re Crazy” 3:16
11. “Anything Goes” 3:25
12. “Rocket Queen” 6:13


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