…For the Whole World to See: Death

Rating: 100%

Forthewholeworldtosee.jpgRecorded in 1975 and released in 2009 as a demos record, the African-American trio Death knocked it out of the ball park. Intended to be a 12 track record, the band only recorded seven songs for refusing to change their name. In 1975, the band consisted of guitarist David Hackney, bassist and vocalist Bobby Hackney and drummer Dannis Hackney.

Now, this group has been declared as the fathers of Punk, and the godfathers of Punk. But that has been disputed. One thing is for sure, their music was a major influence on the Detroit Punk and Rock scene.

Musically and lyrically, this band was very and is still very talented. It’s hard to imagine what they would’ve been like if they stayed the course as a funk/R&B band. This band was really ahead of their time, musically. It’s not hard to see why many consider them as the fathers of the first wave of Punk Rock or the first Detroit Punk band.

Musically, there is much funk influence and lots of offbeats throughout the music structure.  There are some great riffs, chording and great leads. The album also features some kick ass bass lines throughout the entire record. The drumming is hard hitting. The music for being released several decades later is amazing and wonderfully written and preformed. The music has funk and soul drenched in a style that is hard hitting with plenty of balls, and attitude.  The music is deep and vibrant which would shoot down anything that is being released today by similar bands.

These six songs will leave you craving for more which is a good thing because the band is still alive a well.

Track listing:

“Keep on Knocking” (David Hackney, Bobby Hackney) – 2:50
“Rock-N-Roll Victim” (D. Hackney) – 2:41
“Let the World Turn” (D. Hackney, B. Hackney) – 5:56
“You’re a Prisoner” (D. Hackney, B. Hackney) – 2:24
“Freakin Out” (B. Hackney) – 2:48
“Where Do We Go from Here???” (B. Hackney) – 3:50
“Politicians in My Eyes” (B. Hackney) – 5:50


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