Who Will Save the World?: The Groundhogs

Rating: 80%

Groundhogs_-_Who_Will_Save_the_World.jpgThe Groundhogs were an amazing Blues Rock band from the late 1960’s to the mid 1970’s. Nowadays, if anyone remembers them, it’s for the hit song “Cherry Red.” I have always liked the style of Tony McPhee’s guitar work since I first hear the album “Groundhog Night… Groundhog Live.” Tony McPhee is the only original member who performs under the Groundhogs name today; and is still putting out new material.

“Who Will Save the World?” is a protest album in which the band is raising awareness to world overpopulation, war, pollution and religion. Even the newspapers in 1972, didn’t that the band could save the world as we know. The vinyl itself transforms into a mini comic book which was one of greatest things about old records. The artwork is pretty amazing. You don’t get that with CD-ROM or digital downloads.

The music is pretty good on this record. Lyrically, it missed the social issues of the day. Tony McPhee’s vocal work is pretty good and so is his guitar work. There’s lots of great guitar work from the leads to the main riffs themselves. Peter Cruikshank’s bass is very good supporting the drumming conducted by Ken Pustelnik. “The Grey Maze” is one hell of a jam session and is the best track on the entire record.

Track listing:

“Earth Is Not Room Enough”
“Wages of Peace”
“Body in Mind”
“Music is the Food of Thought”
“Bog Roll Blues”
“Death of the Sun”
“Amazing Grace” (Traditional)
“The Grey Maze”


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