Nickelodeon: The Master’s Apprentices

Rating: 85%

Masters Apprentices - Nickelodeon_enl.jpgIn 1971, Nickelodeon, a live record was released by Australia’s own The Masters Apprentices. I have the CD version of this album that also includes studio bonus tracks. The first seven tracks are recorded live and the remainder of the CD is unreleased material or A/B sides. The band consisted of vocalist Jim Keays, bassist Glen Wheatley, guitarist Doug Ford and drummer Colin Burgess.

The music is outstanding. Several of the tracks begin soft and come in heavy. It can aggressive, distorted and it can be slow and clean. This album for the first seven tracks are part of a live set which sounds pretty damn good. The sound of the music is raw. The song structures seem to be on the longer side, but, that is what makes the music structure good. The guitar work is done well. The leads themselves seem to scream on several sections of the songs. Vocally, the band seems to be a bit out of harmony, but, that is what makes this album great. It’s just the band jamming and nothing more. That’s where the real talent shows through and the Master’s Apprentices knock it out of the park.

Track Listing

01. Future Of Our Nation
02. Evil Woman
03. Because I Love You
04. Light A Fire Within Yourself
05. When I´ve Got Your Soul
06. Fresh Air By The Ton
07. Tears Of Sorrow (Bonus)
08. New Day (Bonus)
09. Jam It Up (Bonus)
10. Freedom Seekers (Bonus)


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