Electric Sandwich

Rating: 90%

R-2682333-1419760188-5671.jpeg.jpgReleased in 1972, the German Prog-Rockers, Electric Sandwich released their debut and only official record. The consisted of vocalist Jochen “Archie” Carthaus, bassist Klaus Lormann, guitarist Jorg Ohlert, and drummer Wolf Fabian.

The opening track “China” is a combination of psychedelic and space rock deeply rooted in jazz music. While “Archie’s Blues” is a very bluesy song. It’s almost as if Cream met Santana. “Nervous Creek” is the highlight on the album with it’s very strong jazzy sound. All these songs blend so many different elements of music together for a refreshing sound was needed in the early 1970’s. The blend of jazz, blues, rock and the spacey feel, helped to form one of the coolest, most improvised style of prog-rock bands of the early 1970’s. Although, today, nobody seems to recall who they were.

Musically, this album is very well structured. It consists of heavy distorted guitar riffs and tons of great leads. The guitar work itself is very complex. The scales and chords are done very well. The bass work is also very well done. Great tempos, with lots of weird offbeats. Plenty of melody which seems to go off in many directions. There is a lot of harmony to the music. The saxophone in several of the tracks adds a touch of class to the music and is not overbearing. Vocally, the band sounds decent. Shame too, that the band never got off the ground. This band could have given Rush and Yes and run for their money.

Track listing:

China 8:03
Devil’s Dream 6:15
Nervous Creek 5:00
It’s No Use To Run 4:00
I Want You 5:24
Archie’s Blues 4:40
Material Darkness 5:02


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