Scorching Beauty: Iron Butterfly

Rating: 40%

Scorchingbeauty.jpgIn 1975, Iron Butterfly is about ready to die. Ron Bushy is the only original member left of the band. Erik Brann from 1968-1969 returned in 1975 to record this record and “Sun and Steel” and take on the role of vocalist and guitarist.

Musically, this record is not as heavy as it was during the first years of the band. It’s more watered down with some Blues influence thrown in. It’s tempos and song structures are a bit odd. There’s a lot of filler. The record is lacking something along the structure. It’s drawn out and some of the songs change way to much for my taste.

Erik Brann’s vocals are way out of place on many tracks of this record. When he sings within his range, he’s not that bad. But when he tries to hit those notes that are out of his range, that’s when it’s a bit hard to listen to. His guitar work is terrific. His leads a great and his riffs are pretty impressive.

With regards to the rest of the band, Ron Bushy hasn’t lost it on drums. The rest of the band is OK. But this isn’t Iron Butterfly. It’s almost as if the remainder of the band who has history with one another, just put out an album to put out new material.

Track listing:

Side one
“1975 Overture” – 4:19
“Hard Miseree” – 3:42
“High on a Mountain Top” – 4:01
“Am I Down” – 5:22
Side two
“People of the World” – 3:23
“Searchin’ Circles” – 4:38
“Pearly Gates” – 3:25
“Lonely Hearts” – 3:14
“Before You Go” – 5:34


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