Blood In, Blood Out: Exodus

Rating: 90%

ExodusBloodInBloodOut.pngIn 2014, Bay Area Thrash Metal band Exodus released “Blood In, Blood Out.” This is the first record with vocalist Steve “Zetro” Souza since the 2004 release “Tempo of the Damned.”

“Blood In, Blood Out” is a brutal album. The rapid machine gun fire of the double bass drum, the duel action guitars,  the thundering of the bass, and the screaming vocal work, shows that Exodus can still pack a punch. It’s violence, done in a fun way. The sheer brutalness of the music on this album, can hang with the classic 1980’s Thrash Metal music that Exodus is known for.

This is album sounds so good. It’s aggressive, intense and angry. The tempo is fast and so heavy. Gary Holt and Lee Altus, both sound excellent. The full barrage of guitars is what makes Exodus great.  The riffs are fantastic and the leads are off the charts. Tom Hunting’s drumming is so killer. The bass work of Jack Gibson is tremendous. Steve Souza’s vocals are most welcomed on this album. Nothing against Robb Dukes who filled in for ten years, but it’s great to hear Steve back behind the mic. The strong points of this album is tracks 1, 2, 8, 9, and 10.

Track listing:

1. “Black 13” 6:21
2. “Blood In, Blood Out” 3:42
3. “Collateral Damage” 5:27
4. “Salt the Wound” 4:24
5. “Body Harvest” 6:28
6. “BTK”  6:56
7. “Wrapped in the Arms of Rage” 4:30
8. “My Last Nerve” 6:10
9. “Numb” 6:13
10. “Honor Killings”  5:42
11. “Food for the Worms” 6:21


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