Heroes of Origin: Hatriot

Rating: 85%

hatrio“Heroes of Origin” by Hatriot released in 2013 is as brutal as Thrash Metal gets. Especially when father and sons join forces. It features Steve Souza (Exodus) on vocals, his sons Cody Souza on bass, and drummer Nick Souza. It also features guitarists Miguel Esparza and Kosta V.

I enjoyed this album a lot. What’s not to like about it? It’s got balls, it’s got aggression, it’s heavy and fast. Most of all, it’s got anger. Top that with the power of Steve Souza’s screaming vocal work and you got one hell of an album.

Musically, the  guitarists Miguel Esparza and Kosta V. nail it. The pair showcase their thrashing skills unleashing some kick ass riffs and leads. The Souza brothers too, nail it with their skills on the bass and drums. Although, the record does have some filler in it, certain tracks do get bogged down and fail to capture my attention. But all and all it’s still a good modern Thrash Metal album.

Track listing:

1. Suicide Run
2. Weapons Of Class Destruction
3. Murder American Style
4. Blood Stained Wings
5. The Violent Times Of My Dark Passenger
6. Globicidal
7. And Your Children To Be Damned
8. The Mechanics Of Annihilation
9. Shadows Of The Buried
10. Heroes Of Origin


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